OpenSC enables organisations and individuals to verify claims about sustainable and ethical production at source, trace products from origin to point of sale, and share those product stories across a range of digital channels.

Our client sought to radically disrupt the way supply chains impact the biodiversity through the use of digital tools as a means of transparency.
To improve the quality and sustainability of supply chains on the world's ecosystem
Strategic value
By integrating digital tools into the supply chain process, it offers full end-to-end transparency of a product lifecycle.
Type of venture and sprint
OpenSC offers a supply chain traceability and transparency technology that unlocks strategic, top-line and bottom-line benefits for businesses committed to sustainable and ethical approaches. By doing so, consumers can access information about where products come from and how they are produced to make informed purchasing decisions. A BCGDV team of 10 people turned the proof-of-concept into a scalable platform with already two large food corporations as first customers.
Source: CNN
OpenSC helps consumers and auditors alike track the end-to-end lifecycle of products through the supply chain, verifying the organisation's eco-integrity claims.
Verifying claims about responsible production using data science and machine learning
Tracing individual products throughout supply chains from “bait/paddock to plate” using IoT and blockchain
Sharing that information with consumers across a range of digital channels to promote purchasing of responsible products
Traction as of February 2022

OpenSC launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019 with fish caught in Antarctic waters and traced on the OpenSC platform served at major New York Times/DV and WWF dinners.
Source: Austral Fisheries, ABC News

Strategic partnership with Austral, the world's largest seafood company

Strategic partnership with Woolworths, Australia's largest grocery retailer

Strategic partnership with Nespresso to give customers the chance to follow their coffee’s journey

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