In the past few years, we have worked with a range of start-ups, NGOs, corporations, and impact-driven initiatives to help them define innovative offerings, deliver on their long term vision and roadmap, and accelerate their growth. Below are a mix of ventures we supported through this program and our commercial ventures.
Our selection criteria
We carefully select which teams to work with, in order to bring the highest impact in a relatively compressed time. We consider three main fitness criteria:
Idea fit
The proposed solution shows a clear opportunity to generate significant & measurable impact, and there is already some progress towards launch 
Team fit
We look for applicants who have an expert, dedicated team to launch the new offering, with a clear plan for post-launch continuous improvement
Alignment in terms of working mode and capabilities that we can offer
Our impact focus

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We use UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to steer our aspirations. In 2015, world leaders agreed to a framework of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to get to a better world by 2030.  We believe they act as a comprehensive, inclusive definition of key areas of focus to achieve a better future for all.

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